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Measure Collaboration Workspace Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Measure Collaboration (MC) Workspace?

The MC Workspace is a collaborative portal that supports quality and information technology staff at measured entity organizations to more easily implement and use eCQMs.

The MC Workspace brings together a set of interconnected resources, tools, and processes to promote transparency and better interaction across stakeholder communities that develop, implement, and report eCQM. The MC Workspace has three modules to support measure collaboration:

  • eCQM Concepts module allows users to search for eCQM concepts suggested by others, comment on those suggested eCQM concepts, and suggest new eCQM concepts
  • eCQM Testing Opportunities module provides stakeholders with available opportunities to participate in eCQM testing
  • The eCQM Data Element Repository provides data definitions to aid in measure implementation and data mapping
Who are the primary users of the Measure Collaboration Workspace?

The Measure Collaboration Workspace is a public resource for use by clinicians, implementers (hospital/clinician clinical quality and electronic health record analysts and health information technology vendors), measure developers, and the general public interested in electronic clinical quality measurement.

Do I need an account to use the Measure Collaboration Workspace?

Users do not need an account to view information contained within the Measure Collaboration Workspace.  An eCQI Resource Center account is needed if you would like to subscribe to notifications and add a suggested eCQM concepts or add on an existing suggested eCQM concept.

How often is the eCQM Data Element Repository updated?

The eCQM Data Element Repository is updated each year to incorporate the eCQM annual updates.

Where do I go if I have a question or feedback about the Measure Collaboration Workspace?

Please email us with any questions or feedback.

What happens to the eCQM concepts I submit on the suggested eCQM Concepts?

You may request the eCQI Resource Center submit your suggested eCQM concepts to CMS for consideration. These suggested eCQM may help provide ideas for measurement not previously considered by CMS. The submission of suggested eCQM concepts is outside the pre-rulemaking process.

What is the difference between the electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) data element repository (DERep) and the CMS data element library (DEL)?

The eCQM DERep is an online searchable repository that provides all the data elements and definitions associated with eCQMs used in CMS quality reporting programs by eligible hospitals, critical access hospitals, providers, and clinicians. The CMS DEL is the centralized resource for CMS assessment instrument data elements (e.g. questions and responses) and their associated health information technology standards, including the Minimum Data Set, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Patient Assessment Instrument, Functional Assessment Standardized Items, Outcome and Assessment Information Set, Long-term Care Hospital Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation Data Set, and the Hospice Item Set.