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Where can I find resources for using CQL?

Explore these resources to get an overview of CQL and learn how to implement CQL.

  • Learn more about the fundamentals of CQL and why it is important on the CQL Educational Resources page. Also find past presentations and webinars for the various audiences who might use CQL.
  • Attend an upcoming Cooking with CQL, QDM, and FHIR® webinar. The sessions feature open discussion with subject matter experts on the MAT, show how to express measures using CQL, and review questions. Visit the eCQI Events page to find registration information.
  • Visit the CQL Formatting and Usage Wiki for introductions, tutorials, and walkthroughs.
  • Visit the CQL Formatting and Usage Wiki Cooking with CQL Examples to review common questions and answers on CQL.

Visit the Connect page to find out how to connect to various CQL resources.

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2022