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Measure Collaboration (MC) Workspace

MC Workspace

The MC Workspace brings together a set of interconnected resources, tools, and processes to promote transparency and better interaction across stakeholder communities that develop, implement, and report electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs).

MCW Wheel

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Review the MC Workspace User Guide and view past education sessions on the MC Workspace.

MC Workspace Components

The MC Workspace is comprised of three modules to assist clinicians, eCQM developers, implementers, and submitters during the entire eCQM Lifecycle, from initial measure concept, through development, implementation, and reporting to CMS. Goals of the MC Workspace are to

  • Provide detailed data element definitions to support implementation
  • Achieve harmonization across measures, data elements, and value sets
  • Improve alignment of measure concepts with clinical need and newly published guidelines
  • Demonstrate how new measures fill existing quality reporting gaps
  • Increase involvement by clinical experts and electronic health record (EHR) vendors during measure development
  • Offer transparency of test results during measure development
  • Provide notification of updates to measures under development

Access existing measures and the measures under consideration in the CMS Measures Inventory Tool (CMIT).

eCQM Data Element Repository (DERep)

The eCQM Data Element Repository provides all the data elements associated with eCQMs in CMS quality reporting programs, as well as the definitions for each data element. This online searchable repository improves clarity of required data elements for those implementing eCQMs. Visit the eCQM Data Element Repository.

eCQM Concepts

The eCQM Concepts module provides users the ability to comment on eCQM concepts suggested by others, suggest new eCQM concepts, and find links to sources to identify whether similar eCQMs exist. User feedback can help guide a measure developer to refine a concept and purpose of a new eCQM to better meet the needs of those interested in quality measurement. Visit the eCQM Concepts module.

eCQM Test Results

The eCQM Test Results module offers transparency into feasibility, reliability, and validity testing; a testing scorecard; and additional characteristics of test sites, including types of health IT used, number of test sites included, and rating of each data element in the testing process for select measures shared by measure developers on the MC Workspace. Visit the eCQM Test Results module.

MC Workspace Education

Featured Research Resources

Browse these featured links to identify whether a similar measure concept exists or to get more information about CMS measures: 

Use the MC Workspace to support the eCQM Lifecycle

eCQM Lifecycle MCW

This graphic highlights the key MC Workspace modules for use during various eCQM Lifecycle stages. Learn more about the eCQM Lifecycle.