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Measure Collaboration (MC) Workspace

Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) Testing Opportunities

The eCQM Testing Opportunity module provides stakeholders with available opportunities to participate in eCQM testing. Measure developers use testing for a variety of reasons throughout the Measure Lifecycle. They need pilot sites to:

  • assess measure feasibility
  • determine the extent to which the required data elements are available and retrievable in the electronic health record (EHR)/health information technology (IT)
  • determine the extent to which measured entities can implement without undue burden for performance measurement
  • assess measure reliability
  • assess measure validity
  • reassess after updating specifications
  • assess measure usefulness

Are you a stakeholder interested in testing eCQMs?

There are several potential benefits:

  • Test site staff will gain insight into quality measurement that could help your organization refine its internal efforts to improve quality.
  • Test site staff will help provide insight for a measure that CMS may use in its quality reporting programs.
  • Test sites may receive an incentive payment.

Review the list of opportunities and contact the measure developer directly.

Are you a measure developer looking to announce eCQM testing opportunities?

Complete the testing announcement template and send to

Open eCQM Testing Opportunities

eCQM Focus Testing Focus Testing Dates Details
Hospital - Sepsis End to End August 1, 2022-January 21, 2023 Testing Opportunity Announcement
Hospital - Postop Respiratory Failure End to End September 1, 2022-February 24, 2023


See the MC Workspace User Guide to learn more about how to use the MC Workspace eCQM Testing Opportunities Module.