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eCQM Lifecycle

Electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) progress through multiple lifecycle stages.

The CMS Measures Management System Blueprint content outlines core processes for eCQM developers to follow when moving through the eCQM Lifecycle for the eCQMs used in various quality initiatives and programs.

Opportunities are available for the public to engage in the different stages of the eCQM Lifecycle including Call for Measures, Technical Expert Panels (TEPs), testing, and Public Comments.

There are five stages in the eCQM Lifecycle as shown in this graphic.


Steps: Conceptualization initiates the eCQM Lifecycle. Perform an environmental scan to identify eCQM concepts, measurement gaps, determine the evidence base for eCQM concepts for development, look for competing and related measures, and draft the business case. The end goal of eCQM conceptualization is a meaningful, well-researched eCQM concept with well-defined initial components (e.g., initial population, denominator, numerator).

Lifecycle Graphic
Last Updated: Jan 17, 2024