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Measure Collaboration (MC) Workspace

Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) Data Element Repository (DERep)

The eCQM DERep provides clarification, definitions, and clinical focus for the data elements associated with eCQMs used in CMS quality reporting and incentive programs. Users can filter information by data element, eCQM, Quality Data Model (QDM) attribute, QDM category, QDM datatype, or QDM entities. See the MC Workspace User Guide to learn more about how to use the MC Workspace eCQM DERep Module.

Information within the eCQM DERep is derived from the eCQM specifications, QDM, and the Value Set Authority Center (VSAC). Each eCQM data element includes information about the value set or the direct reference code (DRC), the QDM datatype, and the QDM attribute(s) used by that data element. The QDM information displayed for an eCQM reflects the version used in the development of the eCQM for a specific performance/reporting period.

Select a filter or search by term and click Apply to see results. Filter definitions are
eCQM Data Elements

The eCQM Data Elements filter provides a listing of all data elements and coded QDM attributes used in eCQMs for the selected CMS quality reporting and performance periods. Each item represents a QDM datatype with information about its value set or direct reference code, and a coded QDM attribute or attributes, and eCQMs using this data element. The eCQM specification lists the QDM datatypes in its Data Criteria section and the coded QDM attributes in the Definitions section.

Occasionally, more than one value set will have the same name although their intended use may differ. To differentiate value sets with the same name, their object identifiers (OIDs) display after the data element. Example: ["Diagnosis": "Pregnancy"] (2.16.840.1.113883.3.526.3.378)


The eCQMs filter currently provides a list of the Eligible Hospital/Critical Access Hospital, Eligible Clinician, Outpatient Quality Reporting, and Hybrid measures used in CMS quality reporting programs. The individual eCQM pages provide the eCQM rationale and a list of all the eCQM data elements associated with the eCQM and information about each data element.

Note: The DERep includes the required data elements with their respective value sets, but it does not duplicate those elements as “not done”; the actions not performed use the same value sets or codes for what did not occur as used for those actions that did (or should have) occurred.

QDM Categories

The QDM Categories filter provides a listing of all QDM categories used in eCQMs for CMS quality reporting. For each QDM category, the page provides the respective definition. A QDM Category is like a class of information (e.g., Medication, Procedure, Encounter).

QDM Datatypes

The QDM Datatypes filter provides a listing of all QDM datatypes available for use in eCQMs for CMS quality reporting. A QDM Datatype is the context in which each QDM Category is used to describe a part of the clinical care process. For each QDM category and datatype, the page provides the respective definition along with the available attribute groupings for the selected QDM datatype.

QDM Attributes

The QDM Attributes filter provides a listing of all the QDM attributes, i.e., metadata/information available for use with each QDM datatype in eCQMs for CMS quality reporting. Each QDM attribute allows measure expressions for specific details about QDM data elements such as information about constraints, terminology binding, timing, and other requirements that provide clarity for what each eCQM data element requires for retrieval.

QDM Entities

Entities are not QDM datatypes or attributes. QDM entities represent concepts used to specify details about the actor (or performer) of any QDM datatype. An eCQM can use the QDM entities to provide further information required for an individual or organization actor to meet the eCQM’s criteria. Current QDM Entities include: Patient, Care Partner, Practitioner, Organization, and Location (for 2023 and 2024).

QDM Known Issues are found on the Clinical Quality Language (CQL) Formatting and Usage Wiki.
Learn more about QDM components by visiting the QDM About tab.