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Health IT Developer/Vendor
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The Health Level Seven International® (HL7) Quality Improvement Core (QI-Core) Implementation Guide (IG) defines a set of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources® (FHIR) profiles with extensions and bindings needed to create interoperable, quality-focused applications. The profiles in this IG derive from and extend the US Core profiles to provide a common foundation for building, sharing, and evaluating knowledge artifacts across quality improvement efforts in the US Realm.

As an HL7® FHIR® IG, changes to this specification are managed by the sponsoring workgroup, Clinical Quality Information and incorporated as part of the standard balloting process. The current roadmap follows closely behind the base FHIR roadmap, and the US Core IG.

Quality Data Model (QDM) to QI-Core Mapping: This version of QI-Core updates mappings from QI-Core to the QDM and is based on US Core version 3.1.1 (based on FHIR R4), FHIR version R4.0.1, and QDM version 5.6.

Quality Improvement Core (QI-Core)
Quality Improvement Core
Last Updated: Jul 08, 2021