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How do I receive or stop receiving news and new content alerts?

Users with active eCQI Resource Center accounts can receive updates on a particular topic of interest by subscribing to a page. Subscribing to a page provides the user with email notifications with the addition of new content or a change on that page. To subscribe to a page, log into the website, navigate to the webpage of interest (e.g., eCQI Tools & Key Resources, QDM, QRDA), and select "Receive updates on this topic" on top left part of the page. When you successfully subscribe to a page, you will notice that “Receive updates on this topic” has been replaced by “Stop receiving updates on this topic.” Select this link if you wish to stop receiving notifications. 

You can manage your subscriptions by logging into the eCQI Resource Center and selecting “My account” at the upper right side of the page. Manage your subscriptions on the site by navigating to the “Subscriptions” tab. The “Edit” tab allows you to check a box to opt out of news and events emails. Select “Save” when updates are complete. 

Note: Not all pages allow subscriptions. If you have any questions on this feature, email the eCQI Resource Center team.

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2024