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How can eCQM developers model the prescriber for medication or the type of provider that performed a task?

The QDM v.5.4 and subsequent versions added a prescriber attribute to “Medication, Order,” “Medication, Dispensed,” and “Medication, Discharge,” and a dispenser attribute to “Medication, Dispensed.” Therefore, from the 2019 reporting/performance period forward, QDM has enabled expressions indicating a medication’s prescriber and dispenser. QDM v.5.5 and forward further added entities, concepts for use to specify details about an actor (or performer) of any QDM datatype. Entities include Patient, Care Partner, Practitioner, and Organization. V 5.6 added the entity Location. Each entity has specific attributes such that a “Medication, Order” prescriber can reference a Practitioner with a role = physician and a specialty = internist (as an example). eCQM expressions can indicate the “Medication, Order” prescriber is the same individual as the “Encounter, Performed” participant, or add further details indicating the individual’s role or specialty. eCQM developers need to test such expressions in real-world settings to determine the feasibility of retrieving such information.

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2023