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How is the QDM updated and where can I find information about proposed changes?

CMS updates the QDM annually based on the QDM User Group’s recommendations that evaluate stakeholder requests. QDM User Group Meeting Notes provide information about future changes to QDM. CMS anticipates using QDM version 5.6 for the 2023 reporting/performance period. Measure Authoring Tool version 6.10 and Bonnie version 5.1.1 are for use with QDM 5.6. Currently published QDM versions include:

  • QDM v.5.5 Guidance Update - is in use for the 2021 reporting/performance period (eCQMs published May 2020)
  • QDM v.5.5 Guidance Update - is for use for the 2022 reporting/performance period (no structural change to QDM 5.5)
  • QDM v5.6 - CMS anticipates using for the 2023 reporting/performance period
Last Updated: Jun 13, 2022