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Validity subcriterion

The validity subcriterion assesses whether measure specifications are consistent with the measure intent and capture the most inclusive target population. There are two main types of validity, measure validity and data element validity. Measure validity is when the measure accurately represents the evaluated concept and achieves the intended purpose (to measure quality). Data element validity is the extent to which the data element or code represent the information. 
See also measure validity and data element validity.

Value set

A value set is a list of specific values, terms, and their codes, used to describe clinical and administrative concepts in quality measures. Value sets provide groupings of unique values along with a standard description or definition from one or more standard vocabularies used to describe the same clinical concept, e.g., diabetes, clinical visit, demographics, within quality measures. Examples of standard vocabularies used to support effective, interoperable health information exchange include SNOMED CT, RxNorm, and Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes.

Value set expansion

A value set expansion is the actual list of codes, calculated using a specified expansion profile of code system versions and any predetermined retired (legacy) codes used with implementation of the value set.

Virtual Medical Record (vMR)

The Virtual Medical Record (vMR) is a data model for representing the data analyzed and/or produced by clinical decision support engines.