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Unified Modeling Language

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standardized methodology-independent approach to specifying, visualizing, modeling, and documenting the structure and design requirements of business processes, such as software development.

Usability and Use criterion

The Usability and Use criterion examines the extent to which potential audiences (e.g., consumers, purchasers, providers, policymakers) are using or could use performance results for both accountability and performance improvement to achieve the goal of high-quality, efficient healthcare for individuals or populations. National Quality Forum. (2021). Measure evaluation criteria and guidance for evaluating measures for endorsement 

Use case

A use case is a unique instance of sharing a specific type of information regarding patients and their health. Each use case has a specific purpose, type of data exchanged, and rules for interactions between people and systems. Examples of use cases include immunization records sent to the state government for public health reporting, and admission notifications sent to doctors and other members of a care team when one of their patients has a hospital admission.

User experience

User experience is a person's perceptions and responses resulting from the use and/or anticipated use of a product, system, or service.

User story

A user story is a succinct, plain-language description of a desired software feature written from the viewpoint of the end-user.