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Narrative guidelines

A narrative guideline is a text-based representation of the practice guideline. Narrative guidelines typically include guideline recommendations as well as additional explanatory text.

National Quality Forum

The National Quality Forum is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan, membership-based organization that works to catalyze improvements in healthcare.

Needs assessment

Needs assessment is aimed at delineating differences between the current state and the ideal state, followed by determining why these gaps exist and identifying solutions to address them.

Null performance rate

The null performance rate is when all of the denominator eligible instances are attributed to all denominator exceptions. Therefore, the performance rate for satisfactory reporting would be 0/0 (null).


The numerator is the upper portion of a fraction used to calculate a rate, proportion, or ratio. Also called the measure focus, it is the target process, condition, event, or outcome. Numerator criteria are the processes or outcomes expected for each patient, procedure, or other unit of measurement defined in the denominator. A numerator statement describes the action that satisfies the conditions of the quality measure.

Numerator exclusion

A numerator exclusion defines an instance that measured entities should not include in the numerator data. Use numerator exclusions only in ratio and proportion measures.