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A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of electronic information to serve as metadata and facilitate search processes.

Target/Initial Population

The target/initial population refers to all events for evaluation by a specific performance measure involving patients or events who share a common set of specified characteristics within a specific measurement set to which a given measure belongs. Draw all patients/events counted (e.g., as numerator, as denominator) from the target/initial population.

Technical expert panel (TEP)

A technical expert panel (TEP) is a group of experts and other interested parties who contribute guidance and thoughtful input to the measure developer or other group seeking advice and expert information from representatives from multiple interested party groups for the purpose of obtaining balanced input representing varied perspectives. Measure developers involve TEPs in every stage of the Measure Lifecycle, from conceptualization through maintenance.

Terminology system

A terminology system is a set of terms representing the system of concepts of a particular field.

Text mining

Text mining is the process of using artificial intelligence technologies to transform unstructured or semi-structured textual data into meaningful patterns and actionable information.