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A QDM attribute provides specific detail about a QDM datatype.

Performance/Reporting Period
QDM Datatype (QDM Version 5.6):

A categorical assessment of an observation value. For example, high, low, normal, critical high, critical low.

This attribute is consistent with the FHIR observation.interpretation element and should be routinely available for laboratory tests that include critical flags. However, measure developers should carefully evaluate and test feasibility for interpretation of findings related to imaging studies ("Diagnostic Study, Performed") or evaluation instruments ("Assessment, Performed"). Some specialty societies have determined that natural language processing at sites provide structured data about interpretation and, therefore, it is included in QDM version 5.6 for "Diagnostic Study, Performed" and "Assessment, Performed" to enable testing especially since FHIR-based measures will have similar capabilities.

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2024