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A QDM category consists of a single clinical concept identified by a value set.

Performance/Reporting Period
QDM Category (QDM Version 5.5 Guidance Update):
Procedure is derived directly from HL7 and Canada Health Infoway: 'An Act whose immediate and primary outcome (post-condition) is the alteration of the physical condition of the subject. ...Procedure is but one among several types of clinical activities such as observation, substance-administrations, and communicative interactions ... Procedure does not comprise all acts of [sic] whose intent is intervention or treatment.' A procedure may be a surgery or other type of physical manipulation of a person's body in whole or in part for purposes of making observations and diagnoses or providing treatment.
QDM Datatypes based on this Category (QDM Version 5.5 Guidance Update)
Last Updated: Jul 08, 2021