Engage in eCQI

Ways to engage with the eCQI community

The federal government and private stakeholders provide opportunities for stakeholders to actively engage in eCQI efforts through open meetings, public comment periods, expert panels, and educational events. Select the user type you most associate yourself with and the table will sort opportunities they may be of interest to you.

Opportunity Description CDS Developer/ Steward eCQM Developer/ Steward Health IT Developer/ Vendor Payer Provider Standard Development Organization
CMS Measures Management System Webpage Provides several opportunities for input on eCQM development and updates through public calls for measures, comments on measures under development, and technical expert panel members. X X X X X
CMS Vendor Call Provides Health IT vendors with an opportunity to provide feedback. This monthly eCQI-based call is led by CMS staff. X
Cypress Tech Talks Provides ability to discuss eCQM certification tool and/or implementation questions. Meets bi-weekly. Submit topics to the Cypress Talk List. X X X
eCQI Resource Center Provides update notifications regarding eCQI news, events, and tool announcements. Create a user account and self-select items of interest to receive notifications. X X X X X
HL7 CDS Work Group Focuses on the development of standards to support system-agnostic implementation of clinical decision support, including messages, services, information models, and knowledge representation formalisms. Meets every Thursday from 3 to 4 pm Eastern. X X X
HL7 CQI Work Group Creates and maintains information technology standards in support of improving health care quality, including clinical care, and fostering collaboration between quality measurement, outcomes, and improvement stakeholders. Meets every Friday from 1 to 2 pm Eastern. X X X X
Implementers Corner Provides resources for those implementing eCQI. X X
Implementers Workflow Group Seeks to improve eCQM implementation through the following: Clinical workflow analysis that drives the order of data capture and the physical measure specification; Centralized, harmonized federal data elements across programs; Educational and feedback which guides users to successful strategies for implementation and reporting that minimize cost and maximize value added.; Meets on alternating Mondays from 1 to 2 pm Eastern. Contact us  for submission guidance for eMeasures. X X
National Quality Forum (NQF) Solicits participation in committees that review measures for endorsement. Check website for opportunities to engage. Submission guidance for eMeasures is at www.qualityforum.org/Electronic_Quality_Measures.aspx. X X X X X
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Clinical Decision Support Learning Network (PCOR CDS-LN) X X X X
QDM User Group Discusses the QDM’s use for measure development, measure implementation, consensus-based standards process, and alignment with related standards. Visit the QDM events page for meeting specifics and send an email to  qdm@esacinc.com. X X
S&I Clinical Quality Framework Works to harmonize CDS and eCQM standards. There is a weekly Clinical Quality Framework All-Hands Meeting. Find more information on the  S&I Framework Wiki. X X X X
United States Health Information Knowledgebase (USHIK) Listserv Provides information for USHIK users and is a resource for health care related metadata, specifications and standards. X X X X
VSAC Collaboration Provides a central site where value set authors can post value sets for collaborative discussion. In that site, teams can share threaded discussions about the value sets, view recent value set expansions posted by site members, organize their value sets. X X X
Value Set Impact Group Seeks to determine an approach to updating value set content (the value set expansion used) during the time between static measure update releases (i.e., making a change to a value set content post-release [not during the normal update cycle] in a minimally disruptive way). Meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month from 2 to 3 pm Eastern.  Contact us  for more information. X X X
VSAC User Forum Provides ability to ask questions, distribute feedback on needs to institute continuous improvement of the VSAC tool, and learn about VSAC development and future functionality. Meets monthly via webinar. X X X
CMS Measures Management System Listserv Provides periodic e-mail newsletters with information on CMS quality measures and updates to the MMS web pages. X X X
ONC Tech Lab Standards Coordination The Standards Coordination Initiatives include a community of participants from the public and private sectors who are focused on providing the tools, services and guidance to facilitate the functional exchange of health information. X X X