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["Result": "Admit Inpatient"]

Performance/Reporting Period
Value Set Description from VSAC
Clinical Focus: The purpose of this value set is to represent concepts of an assessment result of decision to admit to inpatient hospitalization.
Data Element Scope: The value set may use a model element related to Assessment.
Inclusion Criteria: Includes concepts that represent an assessment that resulted in a decision to admit to an inpatient hospital setting.
Exclusion Criteria: No exclusions.

Constrained to codes in the Result: Admit Inpatient value set (2.16.840.1.113762.1.4.1111.164)

QDM Attribute and Definition


The final consequences or data collected from the datatype. results can be used in four ways to express:

  • That a result is present in the electronic record but any entry is acceptable
  • A numerical result is reported directly as a value. Values may be integers or decimal numbers without units, or as a quantity with a value and units - examples:
    • 100mg/dL for a lab test
    • 140 mmHg for blood pressure
    • as a percentage (actually as a quantity with % as units)
    • as a titer or ratio (e.g., 1:4, 1:80)
  • A result that matches one of a specific set of coded concepts in a value set or a code that matches a direct reference code
  • A result as a dateTime ("Assessment, Performed" and components)
Last Updated: Jul 15, 2022