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["Intervention, Order": "Hospice Care Ambulatory"]

Performance/Reporting Period
Value Set Description from VSAC
Clinical Focus: The purpose of this value set is to represent concepts of interventions to identify patients receiving hospice care outside of a hospital or long term care facility.
Data Element Scope: This value set may use a model element related to Procedure or Intervention.
Inclusion Criteria: Includes concepts that represent a procedure or intervention for hospice care.
Exclusion Criteria: Excludes concepts that represent palliative care or comfort measures.

Constrained to codes in the Intervention, Order: Hospice Care Ambulatory value set (2.16.840.1.113883.3.526.3.1584)

QDM Datatype and Definition (QDM Version 5.5 Guidance Update)

"Intervention, Order"

Data elements that meet criteria using this datatype should document a request to perform the intervention indicated by the QDM category and its corresponding value set.

Timing: The time the order is signed; author dateTime.

Note: negation rationale indicates a one-time documentation of a reason an activity is not performed. Negation of QDM datatype-related actions for a reason always use the author dateTime attribute to reference timing and must not use relevantPeriod.

Last Updated: Jul 08, 2021