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Aligning Quality Measures Across CMS - The Universal Foundation

CMS is excited to announce the recent publication of ‘Aligning Quality Measures Across CMS— The Universal Foundation’ in the New England Journal of Medicine. To further the goals of the CMS National Quality Strategy, CMS leaders from across the Agency have come together to move towards a building-block approach to streamline quality measure across CMS quality programs for the adult and pediatric populations. This “Universal Foundation” of quality measure will focus provider attention, reduce burden, identify disparities in care, prioritize development of interoperable, digital quality measures, allow for cross-comparisons across programs, and help identify measurement gaps. The development and implementation of the Preliminary Adult and Pediatric Universal Foundation Measures will promote the best, safest, and most equitable care for individuals as we all come together on these critical quality areas. As CMS moves forward with the Universal Foundation, we will be working to identify foundational measures in other specific settings and populations to support further measure alignment across CMS programs as applicable.

To learn more the impact and next steps of the Universal Foundation, read the article here.

We look forward to receiving questions and comments at our National Quality Strategy email,

Last Updated: May 24, 2023