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A QDM attribute provides specific detail about a QDM datatype.

Performance/Reporting Period
QDM Datatype (QDM Version 5.6):

participant references a practitioner or the organization taking part in an encounter. For the purpose of QDM, participant references the primary performer, i.e., restricted to the principal or primary participant in the encounter.

The participant attribute references the QDM entities (Patient, Care Partner, Practitioner, Organization, or Location) and any or all the attributes of the respective QDM entity. For example, to reference that the physician who was the primary participant (performer) of an encounter, was also the requester of a "Medication, Order", and assure the physician’s specialty meets the measures requirements the eCQM can use the Practitioner entity and its attributes. The eCQM could also reference a physician practice or a hospital as the participant and reference the Organization entity and indicate the identifier and/or the organization type. [See Section 2.6 for description

[See Section 2.6 for description of QDM Entities]

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2022