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A QDM category consists of a single clinical concept identified by a value set.

Performance/Reporting Period
QDM Category (QDM Version 5.5 Guidance Update):
Encounter represents an identifiable grouping of healthcare-related activities characterized by the entity relationship between the subject of care and a healthcare provider; such a grouping is determined by the healthcare provider. A patient encounter represents interaction between a healthcare provider and a patient with a face-to-face patient visit to a clinician's office, or any electronically remote interaction with a clinician for any form of diagnostic treatment or therapeutic event. Encounters can be billable events but are not limited to billable interactions. Each encounter has an associated location or modality within which it occurred (such as an office, home, electronic methods, phone encounter, or telemedicine methods). The encounter location attribute defines the patient's location at the time of measurement. Different levels and modes of interaction can be specified in the direct reference code or value set value associated with the element.
QDM Datatypes based on this Category (QDM Version 5.5 Guidance Update)
Last Updated: Jul 08, 2021