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["Patient Characteristic, Payer": "Payer"]

eCQM Data Element

Performance/Reporting Period
Value Set Description from VSAC
Clinical Focus: Categories of types of health care payor entities as defined by the US Public Health Data Consortium SOP code system
Data Element Scope: @code in CCDA r2.1 template Planned Coverage [act: identifier urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883. (open)] DYNAMIC
Inclusion Criteria: All codes in the code system
Exclusion Criteria: none

Constrained to codes in the Patient Characteristic, Payer: Payer value set (2.16.840.1.114222.4.11.3591)

QDM Datatype and Definition (QDM Version 5.4)

"Patient Characteristic Payer"

Data elements that meet criteria using this datatype should document that the patient has one or more of the payers indicated by the QDM category and its corresponding value set.

Timing: The Relevant Period addresses:

  • startTime – the first day of insurance coverage with the referenced payer
  • stopTime – the last day of insurance coverage with the referenced payer


eCQMs using this data element:
Last Updated: Jul 08, 2021