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eCQI Resource Center Publishing Requirements and Timelines

Send news, events, and content for publication on the eCQI Resource Center to

Ensure any item submitted for publication is Section 508 compliant. Several resources are available to assist with meeting Section 508 compliance requirements, e.g.,

CMS Contractors:

  • Review the eCQM Communications checklist for applicable steps when creating content.
  • Copy your CMS Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) when submitting a publishing request. Items for publication received from CMS contractors require CMS COR approval.

eCQI Resource Center team will publish content on the staging or production environment of the website, at the discretion of the eCQI Resource Center technical lead. If applicable, the team will notify you when the content is available for your quality assurance (QA) review. You will have 1-2 business days to respond with the results of your QA.

Items received from outside CMS and/or their contractors require CMS approval for publication. The eCQI Resource Center team will submit items for CMS review, which may add an additional two days to two weeks to the publishing estimates.

Estimated Publishing Timelines

Content TypeTime to publish from receipt (includes reviews)Staging Site Review
News1-2 business day(s)N/A
Event(s)1-2 business day(s)N/A
Update content on existing pages5-7 business daysDepends on content changes
New content on existing pages7-12 business daysDepends on content changes
Content requiring new pages/tabs/menu items2-4 weeksYes

Acceptable File Types and Sizes

File TypeExtensionSize
Data.csv, .json, .xls, .xlsx<10 MB
Image.gif,.giff, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg<10 MB
Audio.aac, .mp3, .wav<100 KB
Video.mp4<15 MB
Text (editable).doc, .docx<10 MB
PowerPoint and other Materials.pdf<15 MB<15 MB


Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023