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CMS Measures under Consideration 2020 Call for Measures

January 27, 2020 - 09:27am

The Jira project for 2020 Measures under Consideration (MUC) is now open and will remain open through May 22, 2020. Please visit the CMS Pre-Rulemaking website to learn more about the Pre-Rulemaking process for new candidate measure submission and how the Pre-Rulemaking process helps to support CMS’s goal to fill critical gaps in measurement that align with and support the Meaningful Measures Initiative.

Anyone requiring access to Jira for adding new candidate measures must first have an ONC Jira account, available here. Once an account is created, please submit the following information to to request access to the specific 2020 MUC Project: 

  • Your Name:
  • Your Email:
  • Your Organization/Agency Name:
  • CMS Program Name: (for example, Home Health or Shared Savings)
  • Is this an activation, reactivation, or removal?

Please use the registration buttons below to register for the upcoming CMS Pre-Rulemaking 2020 Kickoff and Open Forum webinars.

Pre-Rulemaking Kickoff Webinars

Please note: the Kickoff webinar is a 2-part series. Register for both events if interested.

  • CMS Pre-Rulemaking 2020 Kickoff Webinar - Part 1
  • CMS Pre-Rulemaking 2020 Kickoff Webinar - Part 2

Pre-Rulemaking Open Forums

Two Open Forums will be hosted this year and will provide a live demonstration of the Jira process for submitting measures and an opportunity to ask questions.

  • CMS Pre-Rulemaking 2020 Open Forum #1
  • CMS Pre-Rulemaking 2020 Open Forum #2


Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020