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Updated eCQM Annual Update Implementation User Guide

Version 1.1 of the eCQM Annual Update Implementation User Guide is now available. The User Guide corresponds to the steps outlined in the Implementation Checklist, and includes screenshots to illustrate step-by-step instructions for registering with recommended systems, such as the eCQI Resource Center, The ONC Project Tracking System, the Unified Medical Language System, and Cypress. It also provides guidance and steps health information technology  developers, implementers, and measured entities may follow to update their systems and processes with the eCQM Annual Update. This Guide will enable eCQM Resource Center users to

  • determine how to identify changes in the eCQM updates that could impact an existing eCQM implementation
  • evaluate existing processes for managing workflow when implementing an eCQM
  • understand the changes in eCQM specifications from one eCQM Annual Update to the next

Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations about the eCQM Annual Update Implementation User Guide. Contact us at Have thoughts about improvements or enhancements to the eCQI Resource Center? Join the eCQI Resource Center User Group and share your thoughts.

Last Updated: May 02, 2024