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Eligible Hospital/Critical Access Hospital Pre-Rulemaking eCQMs

CMS pre-rulemaking electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) are developed, but specifications are not finalized for use in a CMS quality reporting program. These measures will not be eligible for CMS quality reporting until they are proposed and finalized through notice-and-comment rulemaking for each applicable program.

Feedback on technical aspects of these eCQMs should be submitted to the ONC Project Tracking System (Jira) eCQM Issue Tracker.

Feedback on the potential use of these eCQMs in CMS quality programs is to be submitted during formal CMS public comment periods associated with the relevant proposed rules.

For more information on pre-rulemaking, see the Pre-rulemaking page on the CMS MMS Hub.

Title Short Name CMS eCQM ID NQF Number
Global Malnutrition Composite Score GMCS CMS986v1 3592e
Hospital Harm - Opioid-Related Adverse Events HH-03 CMS819v1 3501e
eCQM Resources Short Description Published
Value sets used in CMS819 May 2022
Value sets used with eCQMs and Hybrid Measures May 2022
Tools and standards versions measure developers used to create eCQMs and versions of standards and tools used for their reporting May 2022
Standards and code system versions for the eCQM Annual Update Feb 2023
Standards and code system versions for the eCQM Annual Update Mar 2022
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2023