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["Intervention, Performed": "Maternal postpartum depression care (regime/therapy)"]

Performance/Reporting Period
Direct Reference Code

Constrained to 'Maternal postpartum depression care (regime/therapy)' SNOMEDCT code

QDM Datatype and Definition (QDM Version 5.4)

"Intervention, Performed"

Data elements that meet criteria using this datatype should document the completion of the intervention indicated by the QDM category and its corresponding value set.

Timing: The Relevant Period addresses:

  • startTime – the time the intervention begins
  • stopTime – the time the intervention ends

NOTE - timing refers to a single instance of an intervention. If a measure seeks to evaluate multiple interventions over a period of time, the measure developer should use CQL logic to represent the query request.

Last Updated: Jul 08, 2021