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["Device, Applied": "Cardiac Pacer"]

eCQM Data Element

Performance/Reporting Period
Value Set Description from VSAC
Clinical Focus: This value set contains concepts that represent a cardiac pacer device.
Data Element Scope: This value set may use Quality Data Model (QDM) category related to Device.
Inclusion Criteria: Includes only relevant concepts associated with a cardiac pacer device.
Exclusion Criteria: No exclusions.

Constrained to codes in the Device, Applied: Cardiac Pacer value set (2.16.840.1.113883.3.526.3.1193)

QDM Datatype and Definition (QDM Version 5.4)

"Device, Applied"

Data elements that meet criteria using this datatype should document that the device indicated by the QDM category and its corresponding value set is in use, or impacts or alters the treatment, care plan, or encounter (e.g., an antithrombotic device has been placed on the patient's legs to prevent thromboembolism, or a cardiac pacemaker is in place).

Timing: The Relevant Period addresses:

  • startTime – when the device is inserted or first used
  • stopTime – when the device is removed or last used


QDM Attributes


Relevant Period addresses the time between the start of an action to the end of an action. Each datatype using relevant period defines specific definitions for the start and stop time for the action listed.
Last Updated: Jul 08, 2021