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Facility Locations: Ambulatory

eCQM Data Element

Performance/Reporting Period
Value Set Description from VSAC
Clinical Focus: This value set contains concepts that represent encounters in an ambulatory setting.
Data Element Scope: This value set may use the Quality Data Model (QDM) category or attribute related to Encounter.
Inclusion Criteria: Includes only relevant concepts associated with care in an ambulatory setting.
Exclusion Criteria: Excludes patients who had ambulatory hospice care.

Constrained to codes in the Facility Locations: Ambulatory value set (2.16.840.1.113883.3.464.1003.122.12.1003)

QDM Attribute and Definition (QDM Version 5.3)

Facility Locations

The particular locations in a facility in which the diagnostic study or encounter occurs or occurred. Examples include, but are not limited to, intensive care units (ICUs), non- ICUs, burn critical-care unit, neonatal ICU, and respiratory-care unit. Each Encounter, Performed may have 1 or more locations. For example, a patient treated in multiple locations during an individual encounter might be expressed as: Encounter, Performed: Inpatient Admission, ICU (location period), Non-ICU Admission (location period), Rehab (location period). Facility Locations (plural) is used for Encounter, Performed since there may be more than one facility location used in any given encounter.
Last Updated: Oct 17, 2019