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Measure Collaboration (MC) Workspace

Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) Clinical Workflow

The eCQM Clinical Workflow module allows users to review measure flow and clinical context for draft eCQMs. This allows for stakeholders interested in an eCQM to provide comments, clinical workflow concerns, and guidance early in the eCQM lifecycle. Browse the eCQMs in early development for areas of interest for you and/or your organization, review the supporting documentation, and share comments to help achieve feasible clinical workflows.

Review the MC Workspace User Guide and view past education sessions on the MC Workspace.

How to review clinical workflows for eCQMs and submit feedback

  1. Search the eCQMs to find your eCQM of interest.
  2. Click the title of the eCQM to view the details.
  3. Scroll to the review workflow descriptions and workflow files.
  4. Enter feedback on proposed clinical workflow in the comment field for the measure developer's consideration. Comments will be made public after approval.

Are you a measure implementer with feedback to share?

Measure implementers are encouraged to share their experience and expertise implementing eCQMs by providing feedback on draft eCQMs. This feedback is valuable to the measure developer so as to avoid real world implementation issues not identified in testing. Create an eCQI Resource Center account to share your feedback.

Are you a measure developer looking for feedback on your eCQM in early development?

Create an eCQI Resource Center account to take the first step in becoming an MC Workspace Member. MC Workspace Members can submit eCQM’s in early development for feedback

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Draft eCQMs

No eCQM Clinical Workflows currently available.