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I'm having trouble adding eCQI Resource Center events to my Macintosh's calendar. How can I fix this?

Macintosh requires some additional steps to use the Add to calendar function.

Office 365 and only work with an online calendar, e.g.,,

To populate the event to your Outlook calendar, use the Outlook download. Make sure you check the box “On my calendar in the left navigation bar of the calendar, then save and close the event. Once you check the “On my calendar” box, you should not need to recheck for every new event.

To populate the event on your Mac calendar, if you only have Birthdays, US Holidays, and Siri Suggestion calendars, create a new calendar, then use the Outlook download, save, and close. You do not need to create a new calendar each time, just make sure you are adding to the correct calendar

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2022