VSAC 2.13.2 Release Notes

May 10, 2017 - 11:06am

User Interface Tooltips

NLM added many tooltips throughout the VSAC application to help users understand searching, retrieving, authoring and publishing value sets in VSAC. 

Code System Information for Value Sets

A code system column was added in the VSAC user interface for the grouping members section of Value Set Details in Search Value Sets.  The code system column to be adjacent to the value set name column in all user interface value set tables.  Also added was code system information to the metadata section of Value Set Details in the Search Value Sets tab, as well as code system information to Value Set Info and Code List tabs of Excel downloads from the VSAC user interface. Changes were inspired by users. Please contact NLM with any suggestions you have that would improve your user experience in VSAC.

VSAC Collaboration Tool Enhancements

Data Lists is a new feature in the VSAC Collaboration Tool. Users requested a way to programmatically track issues that their collaboration group needs to resolve before a value set can be published. Alfresco®, the VSAC Collaboration Tool platform, provides a Data Lists component that allows site members to create and manage lists of data relevant to their collaboration site.

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