New Measures Management System (MMS) Website

August 27, 2017 - 7:52am

CMS is pleased to announce that the updated Measures Management System website is now live and you are invited to check it out.


The site has been reorganized into the following categories:


  • Measure System Overview: an introduction to the Measures Management System, a discussion of Quality Measures & You where you will find links for our variety of our stakeholders, the Quality Measures Inventory and information on Pre-Rulemaking (MUC).


  • Measure Development: the Blueprint, the measure development lifecycle by each phase, and information on stakeholder engagement.


  • Get Involved: information on TEPs, public comments, calls for measures, and the MMS Listserv.


  • Tools & Resources: information on Quality Programs (the complete list in one place!), Strategic Planning Documents and Reports, Resources such as webinars and tools useful for measure development, and links to related CMS sites.


  • New to Measures: discussions on quality measures, how a measure becomes a measure, the relationship between quality measures and quality improvements, and how to get started in being involved in measure development.


  • Popular Links: your shortcuts to Getting Involved, Calls for Measures, TEPs, Public Comments, the Listserv, and how to Contact Us.


The website was redesigned to be accessible for all stakeholders, whether you are from the public and want to understand what quality measures are and how they are developed, you are a clinician who wants to be involved in measure development, or an experienced measure developer. It's also focused on providing one authoritative, central location to access things like the measure programs and the inventory. And, we made it intuitive so that you could quickly navigate to what you need.


CMS welcomes your feedback on these changes, please send your comments to the support email at

Last Updated: August 27, 2017