eCQI Implementers' Corner

This page provides information and tools to inform the design and execution of eCQI activities.

An “implementer” does many things to prepare processes and systems such as:

  • putting measure data components into systems and workflow
  • using measures when conducting health care activities
  • providing information from measures to inform quality improvement

The success of eCQI activities depends on the tireless efforts of the entire care team and those that support them: practice administrators, quality improvement leadership, information technology staff, providers, and others. These individuals need to work together to execute a plan to improve quality and reduce costs.

Electronic health data can help providers and health care organizations transform the care they deliver through quality improvement activities. However, the existence of data alone does not improve quality. One must use the data with eCQI tools and activities to improve quality such as:

  • Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) that help providers know how they compare with other providers on key quality indicators and whether or not they are using evidence-based care
  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) to ensure the 5 CDS Rights:
    • right information is provided
    • to the right person
    • in the right intervention format
    • through the right channel
    • at the right time in workflow
  • Understanding and optimizing daily care activities and workflow to be effective and efficient

Key Implementer Resources: