eCQI Implementers' Corner

This page provides information and tools to inform the design and execution of eCQI activities.

An “implementer” does many things to prepare processes and systems such as:

  • putting measure data components into systems and workflow
  • using measures when conducting health care activities
  • providing information from measures to inform quality improvement

The success of eCQI activities depends on the efforts of the entire care team and those that support them: practice administrators, quality improvement leadership, information technology staff, providers, and others. These individuals need to work together to execute a plan to improve quality and reduce costs.

Electronic health data can help providers and health care organizations transform the care they deliver through quality improvement activities. However, the existence of data alone does not improve quality. One must use the data with eCQI tools and activities to improve quality such as:

  • Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) that help providers know how they compare with other providers on key quality indicators and whether or not they are using evidence-based care.
  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) to ensure the 5 CDS Rights:
    • right information is provided
    • to the right person
    • in the right intervention format
    • through the right channel
    • at the right time in workflow
  • Understanding and optimizing daily care activities and workflow to be effective and efficient.

Key Implementer Resources:


A checklist that provides the necessary technical steps health information technology (IT) developers, implementers, and health care organizations must take to update their systems and processes with the eCQM Annual Update for the upcoming reporting and performance periods.

Available tools and resources that provide a foundation for the development, testing, certification, implementation, reporting, and continuous evaluation of quality measures and their improvement.

A webinar recording of quality measurement meeting which highlights innovative approaches to managing and uses electronic health data for quality improvement.  Presentations include:

    • College of Surgeons Strategy to Quality Improvement 
    • Implementing Performance Measurement & Improvement
    • Implementing Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
    • Data Warehouse for Extracting clinical data from EHR Systems
    • Evolution of Patient Safety-Focused Electronic Measurement
    • Using Active Care Relationships to Support eMeasurement
    • Demonstrating High Reliability: How eCQI Helps Support the Goal

A user Manual detailing CPC eCQM reporting requirements for PY 2016.

CMS Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative contractors and its participants created a set of 36 short educational videos to assist providers in implementing CPC. 

Several of the videos are specifically relevant to electronic clinical quality improvement. 


Other videos may also be valuable and you are encouraged to review for applicability to your practice.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has funded Health Information Technology (IT) Curriculum Resources for Educators as part of the Workforce Development Programs.  There is now an updated and expanded set of health IT instructional materials covering five areas relevant to improved care delivery.  In addition, 20 existing instructional modules developed under ONC’s Curriculum Development Centers program were updated. These materials are relevant to physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who utilize health IT in care delivery and others in the broader healthcare system.

A number of the components are specifically relevant to electronic clinical quality improvement. 

Individual units within other components may also be valuable and you are encouraged to review for applicability to your practice.

NOTE: Many of these components are over 1 GB in size. Downloading may take up to 10 minutes, depending on your connection.


Guides to implementing and getting started with eCQMs to optimize workflow and care quality improvements.

Pioneers in Quality is a Joint Commission program to assist hospitals on their journey towards electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) adoption and reporting. A key component of the Pioneers in Quality™ program is regular educational webinars.  Visit their website for a full list of the webinar series.

The objectives for this webinar are to discuss the addendum to 2016 eCQM specifications to update relevant ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS eCQM value sets for the 2017 performance year and discuss changes to measure specifications applicable for 2017 reporting.

Proven Practices Collection - The Joint Commission recognizes organizations that leverage eCQMs and health IT to drive quality improvements.

Resources, education, and collaboration for implementers of eCQMs in every site, practice setting, location, and size; and advocacy for improved mechanisms for providing and responding to feedback from the measure community.

Resource to help determine how to identify changes that could impact an existing quality measure implementation; Evaluate existing processes for managing workflow when implementing a quality measure; and understand the changes in measure specifications and standards that are part of the May 2015 eCQM Annual Update.

This resource outlines steps that office practices, hospitals, and their partners can take to enhance care processes and outcomes targeted for improvement.


  • Quality Improvement Organization eCQI Toolkit - March 2017
  • eCQI Resources from Mountain-Pacific Quality Health
  • Tool kit and resources from Mountain-Pacific Quality Health to assist organizations with leveraging health information technology (HIT) and the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) process improvement methodology to support and advance their health quality improvement initiatives.