Controlling High Blood Pressure

Last updated: May 3, 2018

CMS Measure ID: CMS165v3
Version: 3
NQF Number: 0018
Measure Description:

Percentage of patients 18-85 years of age who had a diagnosis of hypertension and whose blood pressure was adequately controlled (<140/90mmHg) during the measurement period.

Initial Patient Population:

Patients 18-85 years of age who had a diagnosis of essential hypertension within the first six months of the measurement period or any time prior to the measurement period

Denominator Statement:

Equals Initial Patient Population

Denominator Exclusions:

Patients with evidence of end stage renal disease (ESRD), dialysis or renal transplant before or during the measurement period. Also exclude patients with a diagnosis of pregnancy during the measurement period.

Numerator Statement:

Patients whose blood pressure at the most recent visit is adequately controlled (systolic blood pressure < 140 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg) during the measurement period.

Numerator Exclusions:

Not Applicable

Denominator Exceptions:


Measure Steward: National Committee for Quality Assurance
Domain: Effective Clinical Care
Next Version:
Measure Score: Proportion
Score Type: Process
Improvement Notation:

Higher score indicates better quality


In reference to the numerator element, only blood pressure readings performed by a clinician in the provider office are acceptable for numerator compliance with this measure. Blood pressure readings from the patient's home (including readings directly from monitoring devices) are not acceptable.

If no blood pressure is recorded during the measurement period, the patient’s blood pressure is assumed not controlled.


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