Chlamydia Screening for Women

Last updated: May 3, 2018

CMS Measure ID: CMS153v3
Version: 3
NQF Number: 0033
Measure Description:

Percentage of women 16-24 years of age who were identified as sexually active and who had at least one test for chlamydia during the measurement period.

Initial Patient Population:

Women 16 to 24 years of age who are sexually active and who had a visit in the measurement period

Denominator Statement:

Equals Initial Patient Population

Denominator Exclusions:

Women who received a pregnancy test solely as a safety precaution before ordering an x-ray or specified medications

Numerator Statement:

Women with at least one chlamydia test during the measurement period

Numerator Exclusions:

Not applicable

Denominator Exceptions:


Measure Steward: National Committee for Quality Assurance
Domain: Community, Population and Public Health
Next Version:
Measure Score: Proportion
Score Type: Process
Improvement Notation:

Higher score indicates better quality


Codes to identify sexually active women include codes for: pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, contraceptives or contraceptive devices, and infertility treatments.

The denominator exclusion does not apply to patients who qualify for the initial patient population based on services other than the pregnancy test alone.


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