Maternal Depression Screening

Last updated: May 3, 2018

CMS Measure ID: CMS82v3
Version: 3
NQF Number: None
Measure Description:

The percentage of children who turned 6 months of age during the measurement year, who had a face-to-face visit between the clinician and the child during child's first 6 months, and who had a maternal depression screening for the mother at least once between 0 and 6 months of life.

Initial Patient Population:

Children with a visit who turned 6 months of age in the measurement period.

Denominator Statement:

Equals Initial Population

Denominator Exclusions:


Numerator Statement:

Children with documentation of maternal screening or treatment for postpartum depression for the mother.

Numerator Exclusions:

Not Applicable

Denominator Exceptions:


Measure Steward: National Committee for Quality Assurance
Domain: Community/Population Health
Next Version:
Previous Version:
Measure Score: Proportion
Improvement Notation:

Higher score indicates better quality


The eMeasure specifies only patient's record, looking for the newly allocated SNOMED codes that allow providers to record the screening and treatment of the mother, but the endorsed measure relies on notes from the patient's and mother's charts.


Release Notes


  • Copyright updated.
  • Disclaimer updated.
  • eMeasure version number incremented.
  • NQF Number and Endorsed By fields updated to reflect measure no longer endorsed by NQF.


  • Replaced 'ORs' with 'Union of' operator.
  • Replaced 'Patient Characteristic Birthdate' with 'Age at' operator.

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