Developers Integration Lab (DIL)

The AEGIS Developers Integration Lab (DIL) is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Testing as a Service (TaaS) Open Access Solution for health information exchange gateway, interoperability, and compatibility testing. The DIL provides an easy-to-use system for performing conformance and interoperability tests against published specifications, standards, and profiles, including templates and implementation guides.

  • The DIL allows for automated, internet-based interoperability testing against the HL7, IHE, and NwHIN specifications, compliant gateway implementations, and other gateway implementations as well. 
  • The DIL tests interoperability with other gateway implementations, hosting multiple gateway implementations for a user to send test messages using multiple testing scenarios.
  • DIL users have access to detailed test results as well as the messages evaluated as part of the test.

The DIL provides an easy-to-use system, available 24/7, for candidates to perform both conformance and interoperability tests against multiple Gateways. The beauty of the DIL is that its architecture allows for gateway-to-gateway communication.  Our two main Reference Implementations are CONNECT 2.4.8 and CONNECT 3.x. The DIL supports participants' use of any gateway, e.g., CONNECT 3.2, CONNECT 4.x or a custom gateway.

Benefits of the DIL

  • Supports NwHIN 2010 and 2011 specifications
  • Self-service (24/7) testing capabilities
  • Hosts multiple vendor products/reference implementations to measure interoperability
  • Engineered to easily integrate evolving Health IT standards and policies
  • Scalable environment for exercising Health IT standards and policies
  • Support for SDO standards
  • HL7, eHeX, IHE HPD+, DIRECT and C32 (Bridge C32), CCDA

Benefits to Partners/Clients

  • Enables Continuous Interoperability 
  • Captures user experiences and technical challenges
  • Documents and audits the work flow lifecycle of testing
  • Provides on-going virtual Connectathon
  • Supports re-use of testing tools/test cases
  • Ensures beyond "Happy Path" testing, performs negative testing
  • Provides reporting metrics 
  • Advocates quality-infused development
  • Endorses test-driven development for test readiness reviews (TRR)

Value Proposition

  • Enabling interoperability and meaningful use testing
  • Convergence of technologies
  • Support rapid integration of standards 
  • Supports State Health Information Exchange
  • Level playing field for small and large technology providers
  • Real-time cloud-enabled infrastructure 
  • Workflow and security integration 
  • Ensures test-driven development
  • Open Source platform
  • Automated platform for test case execution

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