Tool Library

The eCQM tools and resources referenced in this section are openly available and are provided for stakeholder use. They provide a foundation for the development, testing, certification, implementation, reporting, and continuous evaluation of quality measures and their improvement.

Category: Implementation

Binding Parameter Specification (BPS) document The Value Set Binding Parameter Specification (BPS), generated by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), is a record of the value set binding information that defines the value set code lists specified by released CMS eCQMs. Changes between BPS documents reflect corresponding changes in the resulting value set code lists. Likewise, if value set code lists change, some of the BPS parameters will also change. Measure implementers can use the BPS to track the parameters that define the value set code lists for each eCQM release.

Category: Development, Testing
Bonnie is a tool for testing electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs). This tool is designed for use by measure developers as part of their development process and validates that the eCQM logic matches the measure’s intent. Bonnie uses patient scenarios to represent each logic component of the measure specification such as the IPP, denominator, numerator, exclusions, etc. Health IT developers and implementers may also use the tool to evaluate measure implementation into their systems. Measure developers use both Bonnie and MAT in concert to promote test driven development.
Category: Development, Testing

This user group is a community of Bonnie users that benefit from one another’s experience and questions, and allows the development team to easily reach out to the community regarding new releases, proposed features, and focus group opportunities.  Follow these instructions to join:

Category: Development, Testing

Cedar is a free, open source tool for testing the strength of Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) collection systems that receive Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) files.

Category: Certification

The Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) is the authoritative and comprehensive listing of Health IT certified through the ONC Health IT Certification Program.

Category: Communication

CQF Framework is a collaborative community of participants from the public and private sectors focused on providing the tools, services and guidance to facilitate the functional exchange of health information.  CQF framework focuses on identifying, defining, and harmonizing electronic standards that promote integration between CDS and eCQM.

Category: Submission

This interactive tool details the different aspects of multiple QRDA validation tools that are available to submitters.  It is intended to give users a single point of reference for these tools and assist them in selecting the most appropriate tool to meet their individual needs.  The tool covers:

  • Cypress QRDA Validation Utility
  • Pre-Submission Validation Application (PSVA)
  • CMS Secure Portal: For Hospital Reporting via QualityNet
  • Submission Engine Validation Tool (SEVT)
Category: Development, Implementation

CQL Online is a tool developed by ESAC, Inc. to provide a "sandbox" where Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQMs) developers and implementers can "play" around with the Clinical Quality Language (CQL). The tools allows users to get a feel for what CQL looks like and how to write proper expressions in this new and powerful language.

More specifically, CQL Online is a syntax directed editor for writing expressions in CQL. It is open source and intended for educational purposes.

Category: Certification, Testing

Cypress is an open source certification testing tool for evaluating the accuracy of clinical quality measure calculations in electronic health records (EHRs) systems and EHR modules. Cypress enables testing of an EHR’s ability to accurately calculate eCQMs. Cypress serves as the official eCQM testing tool for the 2014 EHR Certification program by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). View slides from Cypress 101 session. 

Category: Communication, Continuous Evaluation

Cypress Tech Talks are an open forum for discussing technical implementation and tool issues with the Cypress team.

Category: Certification, Testing

The Cypress QRDA Validator provides implementers with the ability to validate the conformance of QRDA Category I and Category III documents to the following implementation guides (IGs):2015 CMS QRDA Combined IG and the HL7 QRDA Errata IG for 2014.

Category: Development, Implementation

A data element is a clinical concept such as a diagnosis, lab value or gender that is coded using standardized terminologies and collected in EHRs. The DEC is a list of all the data elements required by each clinical quality measure used by CMS for certain quality measure programs and by ONC for health IT systems to certify that they can capture. The DEC is maintained by NLM and available through the VSAC.

Category: Testing

The AEGIS Developers Integration Lab (DIL) is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Testing as a Service (TaaS) Open Access Solution for health information exchange gateway, interoperability, and compatibility testing. The DIL provides an easy-to-use system for performing conformance and interoperability tests against published specifications, standards, and profiles, including templates and implementation guides.

Category: Communication, Implementation

This webpage designed to support the eCQI implementation activities of the entire care team.

Category: Communication, Publication

This website providing eCQI resources and connection with the community of professionals who are dedicated to clinical quality improvement for better health.  Provides eCQM electronic specifications and their updates along with tool and resource links.  “The one-stop shop for the most current resources to support electronic clinical quality improvement.”

Category: Continuous Evaluation, Testing

The following open source resources are available for stakeholder use. 
fhir-patient-api maps the current Quality Data Model (QDM) based eCQMs to FHIR resources.

node-qme a “patient source”, which is responsible for using the fhir-patient-api to retrieve patients from a database and send them to eCQM code for calculation.

Category: Publication

This CMS webpage provides QRDA implementation guides for eCQM reporting.

Category: Implementation, Reporting, Submission

These Igs are developed by CMS to support Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) Implementation for Eligible Professionals, Eligible Clinician and Eligible Hospitals for eCQM reporting.

Category: Development, Implementation

These IGs are developed and published to provide a standard structure to construct a quality measure including metadata, data criteria, population criteria, etc. based on the QDM.

Category: Certification, Continuous Evaluation, Implementation, Testing

JIRA is a tool that allows stakeholders to submit issues with eCQM implementation and tools and receive feedback. Users with technical questions use JIRA to ask questions and report issues rather than submitting email, telephone or paper issues. Key topic areas covered include the CQM Issue Tracker (eCQM implementation), QDM Issue Tracker (QDM measure logic), QRDA Issue Tracker (QRDA implementation), Bonnie Issue Tracker (eCQM testing), and USHIK feedback. Policy questions are not covered in JIRA.