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eCQI Tools & Key Resources

Tools & Resources

The eCQM Informational Tools, Resources, and Collaboration (InfoTRAC) referenced in this section are openly available and are provided for stakeholder use. They provide a foundation for the development, implementation, reporting, help, and feedback of quality measures and their improvement.

Diagram of the eCQM lifecycle showing the progression through the stages of development, implementation, reporting, and help & feedback then returning to development for maintenance.

Find the Tools and Resources You Need

You can browse and search all of the tools and resources by visiting the eCQI Tools and Resources Library.
The standards and tools versions listed for each reporting/performance period are the versions used to create and/or support the implementation of the specific reporting/performance period specifications. Newer versions of the standards and tools may be available, but were not used in the development of the reporting/performance period listed.

Reporting/Performance Period eCQM Annual Update Tool and Resource Versions Standard Versions
The eCQM tools and resources provide a foundation for the development, testing, certification, publication, implementation, reporting, and continuous evaluation of quality measures and their improvement. You can refine the tool list by selecting a category of interest and/or a role that best describes your needs, or you can also click a specific tool from the list below to view additional details.

QRDA Category I Conformance Statement Resource

Who Uses Tool:
Eligible Hospital / Critical Access Hospital, Health IT Developer/Vendor, Implementer

The Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) Category I Conformance Statement Resource assists hospital quality measure data submitters in resolving the most recurrent file upload errors generated by the CMS data receiving system, via the Quality-Net Secure Portal, during the specified CMS reporting period. This resource provides additional explanations and reference materials beyond definitions found in the eCQM Data Receiving Systems Edits documents to resolve common errors and successfully submit quality measure data.

QRDA Category I files are submitted by hospitals to fulfill a portion of the aligned mandatory electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) reporting requirements for the CMS Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) and Promoting Interoperability (PI) Programs. Hospitals reporting on eCQMs are encouraged to use this resource to support successful reporting.


Last Updated: May 07, 2021