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eCQM Calculations Libraries and Technical Services

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The eCQM Calculations Libraries and Technical Services are open source libraries which provide support for loading and calculating eCQMs, generating Quality Data Model (QDM) types, and other libraries related to Clinical Quality Language (CQL) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). Many of the libraries listed below are used within the Bonnie and Cypress tools and are actively supported.

CQM Models: A software library containing auto generated models based off of QDM.

CQM Execution: NPM module for calculating eCQMS written in CQL, using the CQM-Models library

CQM Reports: A library for import and export of reports for use with eCQMs.

CQM Parsers : A library for parsing CQL-based HQMF documents and parsing Measure Authoring Tool (MAT) eCQM packages into models based off of the CQM-Models library.

CQM Validators: A library for QRDA validation. It contains Schematron validators, and validators for QRDA-specific features (measure IDs, performance rates, result extraction, etc).

CQM Execution Service: A Dockerized Node-based service for calculating eCQMs which uses the CQM Execution module.

CQL Execution: A JavaScript CQL Execution framework that can execute CQL artifacts expressed as JSON ELM.

CQL to ELM Translation Service: A microservice wrapper for the CQL to ELM conversion library.

CQL Exec FHIR: A FHIR-based data source module for use with the CQL Execution Engine.

Electronic Clinical Quality Measure Calculations Libraries and Technical Services