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Now Available: Cypress™ v4.0.1 and Cypress 2018.1.0 Bundle

October 16, 2018 - 08:27am

The Cypress™ v4.0.1 patch was released on 10/11/18. The Cypress v4.0.1 patch can be applied to an existing Cypress v4 installation. Instructions for installing or updating Cypress can be found here. The change log for the v4.0.1 release is below:


Cypress v4.0.1 Features

  • Cypress bundle for the 2019 Reporting/Performance period (eCQM value sets as of September 2018).
  • Support for the 2018 CMS Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) Category III Implementation Guide.

Cypress Bugs Addressed

  • Misrepresentation of ongoing events in HTML. (CYPRESS-1450)
  • Calculation of patient Z21 GP Adult for CMS249 does not account for race. (CYPRESS-1461)
  • Cypress’s relative positioning of the “Negation Reason” in the Device, Order template impacts patient import.(CYPRESS-1443)
  • C4 Problem filter not properly excluding patients without required diagnosis.(CYPRESS-1480)
  • Duplicate patients have significantly different dates of birth, impacting calculation depending on which date of birth is selected.(CYPRESS-1483)
  • Master Patient List download does not contain patient files.

The Cypress 2018.1.0 bundle was released on 10/11/18. The change log for the 2018.1.0 bundle release is below:


Bundle Features

Bundle Bugs Addressed

  • Duplicate  episodes in patient Z9 N BH Adult. (CYPRESS-1453)
  • Cypress patients Z9 Eye, Z8 Eye used Cataract Surgery codes that inappropriately put them into the Numerator. (CQM-3215)

Cypress is the rigorous and repeatable testing tool of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and EHR modules in calculating electronic clinical quality measures used by CMS’s Quality Reporting Programs. For more information, visit

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