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QDM attributes

A Quality Data Model (QDM) attribute provides specific details about a QDM data element. QDM data elements have two types of attributes, datatype-specific and dataflow attributes. Datatype-specific attributes provide specific details on a datatype, e.g., Medication, Dispensed and Medication, Ordered contains information about dosage, route, strength, and duration of a medication, while a Medication allergy, contains information about the allergy type, allergy severity, etc. Dataflow attributes provide specific details about the location of data represented by a QDM data element e.g., Health Record Field indicates the location within an electronic record where the data should be found, Source indicates the originator of the QDM data element (an individual or a device), and a Recorder, the individual or device that enters the QDM data element into a health record field.

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2020