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CMS Introduces New Reports Tool with Real-Time Feedback

November 24, 2020 - 12:20pm

More great news about the Hospital Quality Reporting (HQR) platform... at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), we are making progress on our mission to modernize the HQR System. Today, we want to share some news about the new Reports Tool and our roadmap for providing this exciting new feature.

We understand the importance of accessing your report data promptly. To reduce provider burden, we are rolling this out in two phases using refined navigation to make the process easier.

First Phase November 2020: You can now find most of the reports from My Reports previously available on the My Tasks page on the new navigation menu on the screen's left-hand side.

The following Reports are available in Phase I:

  • eCQM: Data Results > eCQM > Submission Results, File Accuracy, and File History (User Interface and New Format CSV)
    • Submission Results refers to the QualityNet Secure Portals eCQM Data Outcomes + Performance Reports.
    • File Accuracy is the continuation of the new HQR File Accuracy report that highlights any errors causing the QRDA I files to be rejected. It allows you to download them by batch.
    • The same eCQM File History currently in the updated HQR System moved to a new location. This is where you can view a history of batch uploads and download file errors at a batch level.
  • Chart Abstracted: Data Results > Chart Abstracted > Claims Details and File Accuracy (New format CSV only)
    • Claims Details is where you will find a provider's Medicare claims that could be part of the initial patient population for a quality reporting program's chart-abstracted measures.
    • File Accuracy is where you see the accuracy of your files and potential duplicates. It encompasses data from the QualityNet legacy reports, including Case Status Summary, Submission Detail, and Potential Duplicate Records.
  • Population & Sampling: Data Results > Population & Sampling > File Accuracy (New format CSV for File Accuracy. User Interface Index as a PDF.)
    • File Accuracy is where you see the accuracy of your Population & Sampling files. It encompasses data from the QualityNet legacy reports, including Population Submission.
  • HCAHPS: Data Results > HCAHPS > Submission Results and File Accuracy (New format CSV only)
    • Submission Results is where you see the submission results of your HCAHPS submissions. It encompasses data from the Quality Net legacy reports, including Review and Correction.
    • File Accuracy is where you see the accuracy of your HCAHPS files. It encompasses data from the QualityNet legacy reports, including Provider Survey Status Summary, Submission Summary, and Data Submission Detail.
  • Reporting Requirements: Program Reporting > Reporting Requirements (New format CSV for IQR/OQR PPR. eCQM Program Credit has accessible PDF.)
    • Reporting Requirements is where you check to see if your organization is meeting CMS quality reporting program requirements. This encompasses data from QualityNet reports, including eCQM Submission Status and the Provider Participation Report (IQR, OQR, IPFQR). Access depends upon permissions.
  • Performance Reports: Program Reporting > Performance Reports (New format CSV for FSN Reports)
    • Performance Reports is where you can check your Quality Measure and other calculated metrics. Facility, State, and National level calculations are available for the IQR, OQR, and IPFQR Programs. Baseline Measure and Percentage Payment Summary calculations will be available for the HVBP Program. Facility level calculations will be available for the PCHQR Program. Access depends upon permissions.
  • Public Reporting: Program Reporting > Public Reporting (User Interface and PDF)
    • The same Public Reporting User Interface you have come to know, now found under Program Reporting.
  • Validation: Program Reporting > Validation
    • This is where you will see validation data for the following QualityNet Secure Portal reports: Case Selection, Case Detail, Validation Summary, and Confidence Interval.
      • Case Selection, Case Detail, and Validation Summary Reports will be available beginning with 2Q 2020 validation data.
      • Confidence Interval Reports will be available, beginning with data validation results for IQR FY 2022 payment determination and OQR CY 2022 payment determination.

The reports are available to download in real-time, allowing you to instantly analyze for file accuracy, measure results, reporting requirements, and providing the ability to compare among their peers at the state and national levels.

For further assistance regarding the information contained in this message, please contact the QualityNet Help Desk at, or by calling toll-free 866-288-8912 (TTY: 877-715-6222), weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time (CT).

Last Updated: Nov 24, 2020