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Health IT Certification for eCQM Reporting

The ONC Health Information Technology (IT) Certification Program is a voluntary certification program established by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) to provide for the certification systems to health IT standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria adopted by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary (Secretary). The ONC Health IT Certification Program supports the availability of certified health IT for its encouraged and required use under federal, state, and private programs.

The ONC also develops the functional and conformance testing requirements for the testing and certification of Health IT Modules to the certification criteria adopted by the Secretary, including certification criteria related to clinical quality measures. Only ONC-approved test methods can be used to test products intended for certification in the ONC Health IT Certification Program (please note that any individual or organization may submit test methods to ONC for approval). Currently, ONC has approved the Cypress open source testing tool and NCQA’s alternative test method. Test methods (test procedures, test data, and test tools) are used by ONC-Accredited Testing Laboratories (ATLs) and ONC-Authorized Certification Bodies (ONC-ACBs) to evaluate the conformance and functionality of Health IT Modules. The 2015 Edition test procedures and certification companion guides aid stakeholders in the development and testing of health IT modules.  

Regulation Text Citation

Certification Criterion

Testing Information

§ 170.315(c)(1)

CQMs – record and export


§ 170.315(c)(2)

CQMs – import and calculate


§ 170.315(c)(3)

CQMs – report


§ 170.315(c)(4)

CQMs – filter


Visit for detailed information on ONCs certification program.

Visit for detailed information on the 2015 Edition Test Method.

Read the Standards and Certification Regulations.

Learn more regarding the 2015 Edition Final Rule. The Health IT Certification Criteria (2015 Edition) builds on past rulemakings to facilitate greater interoperability for several clinical health information purposes and enables health information exchange through new and enhanced certification criteria, standards, and implementation specifications. Taking into account public comments received on the 2015 Proposed Rule, the final rule continues to focus on the establishment of an interoperable nationwide health information infrastructure. The CQM certification criteria § 170.315(c) (1) – (c) (4) were established in the 2015 Edition Final Rule.

Learn more regarding the ONC Cures Act Final Rule and ONC Interim Final Rule. These rulemakings support the seamless and secure access, exchange, and use of electronic health information. The CQM certification criteria at § 170.315(c)(1), (c)(2) and (c)(4) had minor security modifications in the ONC Cures Act Final Rule, and the criterion at § 170.315(c)(3) was modified by the ONC Cures Act Final Rule and ONC Interim Final Rule.

Use the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) to view health information technology that has been successfully tested and certified for use.

Feedback portals and contact information for ONC are available at

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2020